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Fabryki Narzędzi Specjalnych Sp. z o. o. is a tool-shop offering tools and equipment of the highest quality for various branches of industry. Our diverse machinery park enables the mechanical processing of various types of materials available on the global markets, from plastics , tool steels, carbon steels, stainless steels, cemented carbides, to titanium alloys; the materials used have certificates of origin and quality.

We are the only tool-shop in the region with its own heat treatment facility and steel blackening line. Fabryka Narzędzi Specjalnych Sp. z o.o. in Poznań was founded in 1997. The company tradition reaches back to 1959, when the Tool Production Department, which was a part of the Rolling Bearing Factory in Poznań.

In 2000 the company received a certificate of the Polish Center for Research and Certification for a developed and implemented Integrated Quality, Environment, Health, and Safety Management System, confirming its compliance with standards PN-EN ISO 9001 i PN-EN ISO 14001, and PN-N 18001.

In the same year, Fabryka Narzędzi Specjalnych received the “Panteon Polskiej Ekologii” (“Pantheon of Polish Ecology”) award under the patronage of the Minister of the Environment and the Director of the Polish Center for Research and Certification; this award is granted to Polish enterprises that implemented an environmental management system compliant with the ISO 14001 standard.

Fabryka manufactures tool based on documentation prepared on the basis of cutting edge CAM/CAD, such as SOLID EDGE and Sprut CAM. We offer equipment and tools based on our own designs as well as use documentation provided by the Customer.

Capabilities of FNS:

Precision milling – DMC63V processing center and MAHO 800P tool milling machine (X=800mm, Y=500mm, Z=500mm).
Conventional milling – vertical and horizontal milling machines (X=800mm, Y=500mm, Z=500mm).
CNC turning – CNC lathes by DMG – CTX210 with driven tools.
CTX510 and NEF400 (Z=600mm, X(turning diameter)=300mm) and conventional Poręba lathe (Z=2000mm, X(turning diameter)=1000mm).
Turning – conventional lathes of different sizes with maximum processing dimensions of (Z=2000mm, X(turning diameter)=1000mm).
Precision drilling – jig drilling machines (X=800mm, Y=500mm, Z=500mm).

Grinding – different types of grinders:
– Surface grinders (X=1000mm, Y=400mm, Z=400mm) and with a turn table with a diameter of 1000mm.
– Cylindrical grinders (Z=1500mm, X(grinding diameter)=400mm)
– Internal grinders (Z=1000mm, X(grinding diameter =550mm)
– Numerical grinder for threads and other external shapes.
– Optical and tool grinders.

Heat treatment of all types of steel – own heat treatment facility
Electrical discharge machining, slotting, stamping and carving, precision metalworks -reinforcements, assembly metalworks, welding, hardfacing, and soldering.
Material preparation – own cutting facility.
Length and angle measurements with the accuracy of E1 ≤ (0.3 + L/1000)mm.

Thermochemical treatment of metals:

Salth bath quenching (austempering, gradually, to 1020 ˚C)
Max. Load weight 150 kg
Furnance chamber: 600 x 500 x 400 mm
Liquid quenching in electrode salt bath furnace (High Speed Steel, e.g. SW7M, Vanadis 23, 30, 60 etc.)
Max. Load weight 20 kg
Furnance chamber: Ø 180 x 800 mm
Stress-relief annealing without atmosphere in resistance furnace
Max. Load weight 400 kg
Furnance chamber: Ø 700 x 1500 mm
Carburisation in gaseous atmosphere
Max. Load weight 600 kg
Furnance chamber: Ø 720 x 1200 mm
Chemical blackening at 140˚C
Chamber dimension: 1300 x 400 x 700 mm
Purification in shot-blasting machine, steel shot Ø 0,3mm
Table diameter: 900mm
Chamber height: 1000mm




• tool bits, form tools, circular and box-tool cutters made of high-speed steel and with sol dered c emented carbide plates
• milling cutters
• special counterbores and drills
• gauges, models, measuring instruments
• tools for plastic forming – cold and hot forging
• press tools and dies
• cemented carbide processing
• external thread grinding
• steel hardening
• chemical processing and layer deposition
• manufacturing of machine and equipment parts, also with the use of reverse engineering
• calibration of manual measurement devices.

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